Please see below (including attachment) from Sergeant Jeremy Burgin, our Community Services Sergeant:

Over the past two weeks, there have been six residential burglaries where the suspect(s) forcibly entered or attempted to enter homes through the rear door. Witnesses have described two potential suspects (one white male and one light-skinned adult black, possibly Hispanic, male) operating a dark blue or grey Honda. The burglaries occurred during the daytime, typically between noon and 4pm, and have affected Regency, Lochside, Camden Forest, Wimbledon, MacGregor, and nearby communities. 

While those descriptions are rather specific, it is important to remember to remain vigilant for anyone whose behavior is suspicious. If you observe suspicious behavior, please call the Cary Police Department immediately. You can use the non-emergency number (919-469-4012) or 911. 

Additionally, there are numerous Town of Cary resources available that can be useful. First, all Town of Cary crime data is available online ( Please feel free to utilize that site to gather additional, factual information about what crimes are occurring in Town. Also, recent police reports are online ( This site will allow you access to the public information report associated with an event. You can also find additional crime prevention tips on the Community Services page ( 

Lastly, I would like to advertise for our free, residential security assessment program here at the police department. A residential security assessment is a program where an officer will come out to your home and review the physical security of your home (doors, locks, windows, lights, landscaping, alarm systems, etc) as well as discuss some mental approaches to home safety (what to do with solicitors, how to handle leaving your home for vacation, and options available to you if you’re home and someone breaks in). This free assessment only requires that an adult be present in the home during the assessment to take notes and ask questions. Most assessments take about an hour, hour and a half and can accommodate most schedules during the week. If you’d like a free assessment, please contact me directly (my information is below) and we’ll get you on the calendar. 

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 919-469-4324. 

scamsOver 40 Lochmere residents learned a LOT about how best to avoid being a victim of fraud, identity theft and scams at the November 4th entertaining and informative discussion with Ms. Caroline Farmer from the NC Attorney General's Office.  In addition to a lively discussion on several topics, Ms. Farmer also distributed informational packets from the Attorney General's office on a wide range of scams and frauds to each attendee.  

Ms. Farmer began by inviting folks to safely discard any old (appropriate for destruction) documents that contain personal information at the Town of Cary's free, upcoming shredding event on November 14.  Then, the discussion grew quite interactive, as Ms. Farmer described the best and the worst ways to manage computer passwords. Strong password suggestions included the use of reputable password management software, or utilizing an entire sentence or favorite quote, or using special characters within the password in lieu of alphabetic characters (ex. use an "@" instead of an "a").  Other suggestions for safe computing included:

  • using a different password for each online account you have
  • ASK what the the network name is at every public place you visit. Don't assume that the open network you see at a public place (like Starbucks) is legitimate, even if its name looks appropriate.  It could be a fake network, used to compromise your security!
  • Don't click on any links embedded in emails, unless you are certain that it comes from a reputable source. Verify before you click! Survey links, delivery date links, and coupon links are ruses frequently used during the upcoming holiday season.  Keep in mind that even the email sender may have been hacked.    
  • Don't keep your passwords written down in your desk drawer, posted on your computer screen, etc.
  • Consider putting a Security Freeze on your credit reports.  Please check the link for the details on this topic.

Farmer then described several phone scams recently reported, and urged folks to share information about these scams with their friends and neighbors so that no one becomes a scam victim.  Phone calls from "the IRS" are commonly-reported scams.  Farmer reports that the IRS never contacts taxpayers by telephone.  Calls that include threats such as "a warrant for your arrest will be issued if you don't send money / call back / provide information", or "your house doesn't meet code" are all scams.  Scammers can even change the caller ID (have you gotten a call from yourself like that?!).  These too, are scams.  Calls or emails that warn of a virus on your computer, or indicate that you are need a Microsoft update are also very common scams used to gain control of your computer and hold it for ransom, or for gaining access to your personal information.  Other scams described included bogus calls from "the hospital", asking to verify insurance information.  In all cases, consumers are urged to simply hang up the phone or delete the scam email.  Be very wary of any and all personal information that you are asked to share as a result of a phone call or an email.  

Other pertinent and timely information on these topics can be found at  To check out a questionable email, phone call, mailing or to report a scam, call the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division at 1-877-5-NO-SCAM or file a complaint online at  

Cary Police, including Captain Kevin Tingen, also attended the event and reminded residents of important safety tips for the upcoming holiday season.     

On November 12th, 28 Lochmere residents participated in a community watch meeting with representatives from the Cary Police.

Jeremy Burgin, our Community Services Sergeant, provided some great information on community watch, home safety, holiday shopping tips and overall tips for our community.

Some take home points from the meeting were:

  • The town of Cary's website has a mapping tool that provides information on crime. You can view "Crime Data" and other maps here: Cary's Maps Online.
  • Sergeant Burgin is available to do a safety inspection for your home. His contact information is listed on our main Community Watch page.
  • The town's solicitor regulations are also available on the main Community Watch page.
  • Sergeant Burgin indicated that the current break trends include thieves knocking on doors, and when they think no one is home, they go around and break in using a back or side door. He recommended that you make sure they know you are home. If you are home, you can yell through door "No Thanks" or help them think that others are home with you by yelling "Hey Harry, you want me to get the door". These tips where also discussed in the 'Summer Tips' article posted in August on the Community Watch News section.
  • Some helpful holiday safety tips that Sergeant Burgin discussed were:
    • Do not announce travel plans on social media.
    • Get a neighbor to pick up mail, paper, packages, and put out and take in trash can while you are gone.
    • Be smart with lighting. Use indoor timers to simulate activity. Also, keeping outdoor lights on ALL the time may not be the best signal to a potential thief. Motion lights work well.
    • Save the purchase of that big ticket item for your last stop. For instance, do not buy that ipad at Bestbuy, put it in the car, and then drive over to Dick's.
    • Stay vigilant with fraud prevention -- don't carry a lot of cash, save receipts, and review credit card activity.

We look forward to continuing working with the Cary Police to keep our neighborhood safe.  The Cary Police are pleased with how our community watch program works with them to quickly distribute important news to our residents.  We want to have as many residents signed up for community watch so that we can quickly pass along any information that the police distributes.  If you are not already subscribed to receive community watch emails, you can do so by using your account and changing your preferences under "Modify User Info".

Stay turned as we plan on having other informative meetings with the police.  If you have any suggested topics or other questions about our program, you can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

From the Town of Cary Police:

August 24, 2015 
Cary PD Reminds Drivers to Lock Doors Following Recent String of Car Break-ins 

CARY, NC – With a rash of vehicle break-ins over the last few weeks, the Town of Cary Police Department is reminding all citizens to lock vehicle, shed and garage doors before turning in for the night. The most recent spree was on August 18 when Cary Police took reports of 14 breaking and enterings into cars, two motor vehicle larcenies and one vehicle burglary. In all instances, only unlocked vehicles or unlocked sheds were targeted. Items taken include credit cards, cash and miscellaneous small electronics; in one instance, an unlocked vehicle with keys inside was stolen. No injuries were reported. 

“Nearly all of last week’s break-ins occurred in residential areas along Walnut Street and Kildaire Farm Road, but it’s a good reminder to all no matter where you live to be sure to secure car doors, shed doors, garages and any other exterior doors just like you lock your home’s front door before going to bed,” said Lt. Brian Smith of Cary’s Criminal Investigations Division. 

Often, motor vehicle larcenies are crimes of opportunity and can be prevented by following some simple tips: 

  • Avoid leaving valuables in plain view, including loose change and cash. 
  • Always roll up the windows and lock the car. 
  • Remember to take quick action in notifying police to help increase the chances of apprehending the suspect and preventing future incidents. 

These crimes are part of an active investigation and anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Town of Cary Police Department at (919) 469-4012 or file a report anonymously with Cary Crime Stoppers at (919) 460-4636. Crime Stoppers pays up to $2,500 for the arrest or indictment of those responsible for committing certain types of crimes. All calls will be kept CONFIDENTIAL at the caller's request. 

For more crime prevention tips, see the Police Department section of or call (919) 469-4324. For real-time crime updates, follow the Town of Cary’s Safety feed on Twitter @TOC_Safety. 

Lt. Brian Smith, Criminal Investigations Division, (919) 380-4215 
Deanna Boone, Deputy Public Information Officer, (919) 462-3908 
Susan Moran, Public Information Director, (919) 380-4240 



See below, from our Community Services Coordinator at the Cary Police Department:

I am Sergeant Jeremy Burgin and I am your Cary Police Department Community Services Coordinator. I have taken over for Officer Jeff Morgan who has gone back to patrol. Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns about your neighborhoods if the need arises.

As to the purpose of this email, we have recently experienced some daytime burglaries throughout the Town of Cary. The suspect(s) are posing as solicitors and knocking on doors to determine if someone is home. If not, the suspect(s) are forcibly entering rear doors/windows and targeting jewelry, electronics, and currency. I have attached a crime flyer with some basic tips as a reminder. Please encourage your neighbors to call and report any suspicious activity. This includes solicitors. These are 911 calls.

Non-emergency: (919) 469-4012
Emergency: 911

Please let me know if you have questions.

Jeremy D Burgin
Community Services Sergeant
Cary Police Department
120 Wilkinson Ave - P.O. Box 8005
Cary, NC 27512-8005