Highlands Clubhouse Front Photo 1


Clubhouse & Pool

200 Loch Highlands Drive, Cary, NC 27518



Click HERE for the Clubhouse Availablity Calendar


 (Please note that this calendar is not updated in real time.  Please call 919-233-7640 for availability on exact dates)


The Clubhouse is available for rental by Lochmere residents, and is to be used for social activities only.

No business activities are allowed on the premises.

The clubhouse maximum occupancy is limited to eighty (80) persons.  The rental time is from 12:00 Noon until 12:00 midnight the day of the function.

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highlands kitchen


It has a fully functional kitchen with a refrigerator/freezer, stove/oven, microwave,  and garbage disposal. 


highlands clubhouse indie

There is plenty of room to set up table and chairs.


highlands main room


There is also a serving bar with sink. 


clubhouse pool and deck -- photo 2

The clubhouse has a deck that overlooks the pool and lake that is available for use with the rental. 

There are restroom facilities for both men and women. 

Tables and chairs are provided as part of the rental agreement as follows:

  • 70 padded folding chairs.
  • 4 rectangular tables (6 ft. X 2 ft.)
  • 3 round tables (48 inches in diameter)

Additional chairs, tables, and any  linens are the responsibility of the renter.


The clubhouse may be rented by a resident (in good standing) for $150 per day (12 Noon to 12 Midnight). 

If a Clubhouse renter desires to use the pool also, the rental fee and pool admittance is $225 per day.  Clubhouse rental permits entry to the pool area at Highlands.  Admittance to the pool as part of the clubhouse rental is not an exclusive-use rental.  All homeowners may still use the pool facility.  This simply allows your guests to use the pool as well.  Pool access is only available from 4:00 PM until the pool closes at the regularly scheduled time.  Access to the pool is limited to no more than 25 non-residents.  A list of names must be provided along with the Reservation Form. 

For more information on rentals, please call the Lochmere Main Office, 919-233-7640.

The Lochwood Upper Deck is also available for rental to residents only.

Highlands Clubhouse Rental Agreement

Highlands Clubhouse Alcohol Usage Waiver

Highlands Clubhouse & Pool Admittance Rental Agreement Form