Lochmere has an active Community Watch program. The Community Watch Team schedules meetings periodically at which Cary Police leaders join us to discuss any recent criminal activity and offer safety and communication suggestions. An active email communications network is in place and continually expanding by which we carry on two-way communications in the neighborhood to validate any urgent crime/safety matters with Cary Police and forward accurate information to residents. 

Lochmere Community Watch is committed to the effective two-way communication of information with regard to improvement of safety in our neighborhood.  All residents are encouraged to "subscribe" to receive blast emails, monitor the news page, keep a watchful eye for neighbors, and contribute.

Residents are strongly discouraged from patrolling activity and direct approach of any suspicious individuals.  Any suspicious activity or individuals should be immediately reported to Cary Police by phoning 911 if it is urgent or 919.469.4012 if it is not an emergency situation.  You can also call 311

For more information on this network and Lochmere Community Watch contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Town Of Cary Police Department offers many publications and programs.  To access their offerings, please visit HERE.  This page also offers crime prevention tips as well as FAQ's.

To help prevent crime, the Cary Police Department reminds homeowners to: 

  • Make sure exterior lights are mounted so as not to easily unscrew the bulbs.
  • Use variable light timers and motion–sensitive lights to activate lights inside and outside your home.
  • Lock all door and windows.
  • Keep all trees and bushes neatly trimmed near doors and windows.
  • Make sure valuables are not visible from the street.
  • Work together with your neighbors on watching out for one another.
  • Call the police if you witness any suspicious activity.

Key contact information for Cary Police Department, District 3:

  • Non-Emergency Number: 919-469-4012
  • Lochmere's contact at the Cary Police Department is Officer Patrick Fox of the Community Service Unit. 

For real-time crime updates, follow the Town of Cary’s Safety feed on Twitter @TOC_Safety.   

Download this file (Town of Cary Example Permit.jpg)Town of Cary Example Permit.jpg[example of legitimate Town of Cary permit]
Download this file (Crime-Prevention-Home-Burglaries-Car-Breakins.pdf)Crime-Prevention-Home-Burglaries-Car-Breakins.pdf[Cary Police Crime Prevention Home Burglaries and Motor Vehicle Break-Ins]
Download this file (Town of Cary Solicitor Ordinance.doc)Town of Cary Solicitor Ordinance.doc[Town of Cary Solicitor Ordinance]
Download this file (Crime Alert Flyer Residential Burglaries.pdf)Crime Alert Flyer Residential Burglaries.pdf[Cary Police Crime Prevention Alert Flyer - Residential Burglaries]