Facilities Committee


Committee Members

Richard McNally
Victor Hedgecock Birkhaven

David Johnson Lochside  & Lochwood

Cindy Robertson Lochwood

Ken Griffo Highlands

Chris Johnson Lochwood 


LM Loch Lomond Gazebo Repairs 2021 4 7

The Facilities Committee oversees Lochmere’s varied amenities and facilities including:

  • Trails – Maintain approximately 10 miles                                     
  • Structures  (except at lakes, which are managed by the Lakes Committee)
  • Community Signage
  • Playgrounds (6)
  • Equipment, Frisbee Course
  • Benches & Gazebo
  • Bridges (5)
  • Paved Parking areas
  • Trashcans
  • Trailhead posts
  • Pet-Waste Stations (11)
  • Drainage installations
  • Birkhaven water feature (water feature at the entrance off Holly Springs Road)

birkhaven water feature A

The Facilities Committee does not oversee the pools or clubhouse buildings.  These fall under the Recreation Committee.

 Doody Calls Waste Station Photo