Lochmere Volleyball Courts




There are sand volleyball courts at both the Highlands and the Lochwood locations.  These are great courts for kids and adults alike to have fun. Our goal is to get Lochmere residents of all ages and all skill levels having fun and playing volleyball.

If you would like to receive emails about volleyball, whether it be kids clinics, adult games or even adult leagues, then please add yourself to the Volleyball Subscription list.  If you are logged in, this is located on the "Modify User Info" section of this Lochmere website.

There is a volleyball located in the lifeguard room at the Lochwood pool that can be borrowed any time.  Just remember to always return the volleyball so that others can also use it as well.  Also, the volleyball will not last if used in the pool or on the concrete (i.e. 4-square), so please use it responsibly.