On November 12th, 28 Lochmere residents participated in a community watch meeting with representatives from the Cary Police.

Jeremy Burgin, our Community Services Sergeant, provided some great information on community watch, home safety, holiday shopping tips and overall tips for our community.

Some take home points from the meeting were:

  • The town of Cary's website has a mapping tool that provides information on crime. You can view "Crime Data" and other maps here: Cary's Maps Online.
  • Sergeant Burgin is available to do a safety inspection for your home. His contact information is listed on our main Community Watch page.
  • The town's solicitor regulations are also available on the main Community Watch page.
  • Sergeant Burgin indicated that the current break trends include thieves knocking on doors, and when they think no one is home, they go around and break in using a back or side door. He recommended that you make sure they know you are home. If you are home, you can yell through door "No Thanks" or help them think that others are home with you by yelling "Hey Harry, you want me to get the door". These tips where also discussed in the 'Summer Tips' article posted in August on the Community Watch News section.
  • Some helpful holiday safety tips that Sergeant Burgin discussed were:
    • Do not announce travel plans on social media.
    • Get a neighbor to pick up mail, paper, packages, and put out and take in trash can while you are gone.
    • Be smart with lighting. Use indoor timers to simulate activity. Also, keeping outdoor lights on ALL the time may not be the best signal to a potential thief. Motion lights work well.
    • Save the purchase of that big ticket item for your last stop. For instance, do not buy that ipad at Bestbuy, put it in the car, and then drive over to Dick's.
    • Stay vigilant with fraud prevention -- don't carry a lot of cash, save receipts, and review credit card activity.

We look forward to continuing working with the Cary Police to keep our neighborhood safe.  The Cary Police are pleased with how our community watch program works with them to quickly distribute important news to our residents.  We want to have as many residents signed up for community watch so that we can quickly pass along any information that the police distributes.  If you are not already subscribed to receive community watch emails, you can do so by using your lochmere.org account and changing your preferences under "Modify User Info".

Stay turned as we plan on having other informative meetings with the police.  If you have any suggested topics or other questions about our program, you can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..