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Lochmere offers tennis facilities in the Lochwood section and Highlands section of the subdivision.  In Lochwood, there are 8 fenced and lighted composite courts with an adjacent covered viewing area and pro shop.

The Highlands tennis facility offers 2 fenced and lighted composite courts that are newly resurfaced.

The Lochmere tennis program offers something for the entire Lochmere community, whether the resident is a seasoned player or someone who is just interested in getting involved with tennis and having a good time on the courts.  The following is a summary of what programs are available:



Summer Camps

Swim & Tennis Camps

Private Lessons


Weekly & Weekend Fit-2-Hit


Weekly Drills

Tennis Challenge Pyramid

USTA Team Play

Weekly USTA Team Drills

Private Lessons


Weekday & Weekend Fit-2-Hit

Thursday Evening Drill Nights

Thursday Evening Quads Nights

Tennis Challenge Pyramid

USTA Team Play

Private Lessons


 For more information, please contact Lochmere's Tennis Office at 919-859-2408 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..