Lochmere has six playgrounds within the community.  These playgrounds provide a relaxed space for families to enjoy the outdoors year-round.  

The Lochmere Trail Map (located HERE) will show you where each playground is.  To access the map, you must be registered and signed in on lochmere.org.

Please note that all playgrounds are for the exclusive use of Lochmere residents and their accompanied guests only.



Bonniewood Playground  -- Ages 2-12

This playground is a short walk up a paved trail from Bonniewood Dr near Greymist Lane. The playground was newly installed in January 2019.

 LM Highlands Bonniewood Playground New 2019 2 13

(Click On Picture To Enlarge)

The playground has three slides, a climber and a couple of interactive items.

It also has a swing set with four swings (two toddler & two regular).

Highlands Pool Playground -- Ages 5-12

This playground is next to the Highlands pool and clubhouse facility located at 200 Loch Highlands Drive. Parking is available near the clubhouse and tennis courts. It is a short walk along the trails or sidewalk in the Highlands section.

LM Highlands Clubhouse Playground 2

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The playground has three different types of slides, a few climbers, a bell and drum panel, and ladders.


Lochwood Pool Playground -- Ages 5-12

This playground is located next to the Lochwood pools and tennis courts at 500 Lochmere Dr. Plenty of parking is available in the facility parking lot nearby. The facility is also easily accessible via the Lochmere trails and public sidewalk.

Lochwood Tennis Playground(Click On Picture To Enlarge)

The playground has two slides, climbers, and a loop ladder.

Lochwood West Playground -- Ages 2-12

This playground is easily accessed from various trails on Lochwood West Drive & Lochmere Drive. Hidden among the trees, this is a well shaded playground in a quiet area.


LM Lochwood Playground Completed 2019 2 12(Click On Picture To Enlarge)

The playground has three different types of slides, a few climbers, a bell and drum panel, and ladders.

It also has a swing set with four swings (two toddler & two regular).


Ages 5-12

This playground is accessed from various trails leading off Lochside Drive & Lochfield Drive. Just like the Lochwood West playground, this too is deep inside the trails and is nicely shaded from the sun. 

lochside playground 1(Click On Picture To Enlarge)

A picture will be included upon this playground's completion.

This playground is different from the rest of the ones found in Lochmere. This is a cool climber called “Interaxion Alpha.” It is a half moon climber with two sets of rope climbers connected to a set of arched posts.

It also has a swing set with four swings (two toddler & two regular).

Ann Brunswick Park

Ages 2-12

This playground is in Ann Brunswick Park, which is also known as Lake Park.

The playground is accessed via trails and sidewalks leading from Lochmere Drive below Lake Lochmere. Parking is limited to street parking near the bridge on Heartwood Drive. Parking is also available at 500/502 Lochmere Drive at the pool and tennis facilities, and a short walk away.

This is an older playground which it is hoped to be replaced in 2020.

It consists of a small slide and climbers. There are also four swings attached.

So who brought temperatures in the 60's at 9:30AM on Friday, December 11, at the Lochwood Tennis courts.  It must have been Santa!!!!

A fun time was had at the Round Robin with the ladies eyeing some pretty impressive presents.  After a morning of mixing it up on the courts, everyone indulged in the usual fabulous food.  Does Lochmere not have t12 11 15 ladies tennis social

Many thanks to Rob, Gail, Diane, Michael for all the planning.  And a big thank you to Julie Quinn for her outstanding decorations.

Best wishes to all for a joyful holiday season.

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Without a volunteer editor to guide the publication, the printed and mailed CLAN has been discontinued as of March, 2013. Instead, article and news submissions from Lochmere residents are welcomed for posting on the website at any time. Please send your email  submissions or suggestions to the editor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

September 22, 2015 Board Minutes

021Lochmere residents can enjoy any of our neighborhood lakes, including Lake Lochmere (the big lake), Lake Lomond (the lake with the walking trail) and Highlands Lake (in the Highlands neighborhood).  

The Lochmere HOA owns and is responsible for the upkeep of the lakes. The trails and adjacent area for Lake Lomond is owned by the HOA. Most of the property surrounding Lake Lochmere is privately owned other than the dock and boat ramp area. At Highlands Lake, the area on the south side of the lake is privately owned to the waters edge by Lochmere Highlands homeowners. 

Here's some information to help keep our lakes healthy, while enjoying them to their fullest!

  1. There is no swimming in any of our lakes.
  2. Fishing is allowed, but please respect the privacy of private property around Lake Lochmere and Highlands Lake.  Panfish may be kept for the table, but bass are "catch and release" only.  Please be responsible and remove any fishing line, hooks, and equipment when you leave.  Fishing line and hooks are dangerous for all wildlife.
  3. Please don't feed the geese, swans or ducks.  We'd like to discourage the geese from remaining on our lakes.  Canadian Geese are an endangered migrating species and annually return to where they were born or fed during the prior season.  The geese are messy and can leave considerable droppings that interfere with the beauty of the area, potentially transmit disease, and can cause environmental damage to the lakes.  The swans have been located on the lakes to discourage the geese, who are natural enemies of the swans.
  4. Watercraft (on Lake Lochmere only) must display a Lochmere boating permit.  You need two stickers per boat (one on each side of the bow) and the cost is $5 per watercraft.   The stickers are available for purchase at the Lochmere Main Office (502 Lochmere Drive)  during regular business hours Monday through Friday.    Fees should be paid by a check payable Lochmere Homeowner's Association.
  5. Enjoy the 1.1 mile loop around Lake Lomond.  Walking, jogging and strollers are great, but please no bikes, scooters skate boards, or skates.
  6. The lakes and trails are for the enjoyment of Lochmere residents only.  Trespassers may be reported to the Cary police.  

    Residents of the Audubon Parc Apartments (adjacent to Lake Lomond) are permitted to use the Lake Lomond trail.

  7. Abide by all posted signage to maintain the beauty and safety of our facilities. 
  8. Please keep your dog leashed at all times during visits to the lakes and lake trail and clean up after your pet.
  9. Swimming, kayaking, and canoeing is not allowed in any of the lake spillways or downstream tributaries.

Please see the attachment below for a complete list of rules and regulations regarding boating and lake use. 

Download this file (Lake Rules and Regulations.pdf)Lake Rules & Regulations[ ]