To ensure that our swimmers are all safe and are ready for swim team, we have developed guidelines for swimmers in each age group.  While these are a barometer for what is expected of the swimmers, we treat each swimmer as an individual.  For more detailed information about these Swim Team Guidelines, please click HERE.

Each year Lochmere receives praise from the teams which we swim against for our sportsmanship and how welcome the visiting teams  feel when they enter our pools.  Both during practice and during meets, we strive for swimmers and parents to treat each person as an individual in a positive manner.  To achieve this we have developed 2 sets of guidelines which help us ... Lochmere's Swimmers' Code of Conduct  and Lochmere's Parents' Code of Conduct..  While the coaches and staff review with the swimmers what is expected of them, we suggest that each family familiarize themselves with these 2 documents.

Dual swim meets are held on 6 consecutive Tuesday evenings.  Meets start at 6:00 PM sharp.  The team swims 3 home meets and 3 away meets.  The schedule for 2018 is as follows:




Tuesday, June 12

Lochmere Vs. Abbington

Lochwood Pool

Tuesday, June 19

Lochmere Vs. Scotts Mill

Scotts Mill Pool

Tuesday, June 26

Lochmere Vs. Prestonwood

Prestonwood Pool

Tuesday, July 3

Lochmere Vs. Siilverton

Lochwood Pool

Tuesday, July 10

Lochmere Vs. Olive Chapel

Lochwood Pool

Tuesday, July 17

Lochmere Vs. Medfield

Medfield Pool

 The following documents will provide interested Lochmere families with more information about the Lochmere Swim Team.