The Lochmere Communications Committee and the Lochmere Board of Directors want to assure residents that any email addresses collected on, for the purpose of blast communication, are safe and secure. Only those authorized to use the email communication tool can send out an email, and any official emails from will come from someone with an email address. Other information related to your privacy while on the site can be found in the "Privacy Policy", by clicking on the link at the bottom of the website.

Some of you might have received a political email from a Lochmere resident recently. Wording in this email seemed to indicate that the author was emailing out to all Lochmere residents, or somehow had access to a Lochmere distribution list. Rest assured, this resident did not obtain your email address from or HRW.  We spoke with the individual who sent out the email.  He stated that he had this list from one that was created by residents years ago during a rezoning or other resident-driven movement.   There are other various private distribution lists that have been created over the years, based on subsections of Lochmere or other common interests.  

The Lochmere Board of Directors, the Lochmere Communications Committee, and HRW in no way endorses this kind of spam regardless of content.

If you have any questions about the website, the use of email addresses, or the Communications Committee, visit the committee page here.

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