leaf raking

If you are under 18, live in Lochmere and would like to advertise your services to your neighbors (and earn a little extra cash too!), please read on.

Our unseasonably warm September temperatures will not stay with us forever.  They just remind us that soon it will be time to spread pine straw, plant fall/winter flowers, and take on the daily task of raking leaves.  And with busy schedules, it is hard to find the time to do everything. 

And before we know it, those holiday parties will be upon us and everyone will be scrambling to find a babysitter.  


Plus if you are going out of town for the holidays, who is going to take care of Fido or Fluffy?

pet sitting

Whether it's babysitting, yard work, pet sitting, washing windows or cars...  chances are that someone in Lochmere could use your help.   If you are the parent of a teenager looking to help their neighbors out and make a little extra money, here's how to advertise your services to those who are looking for help:

Log onto (or create a username and password, if it's your first time) www.lochmere.org.

  • Go to the "Community" tab
  • click on "Youth Services"
  • Under Youth Services, you'll see a link that says "New Ad"
  • Click on that link, and type in all of the information that you want others to know about your services
  • Click "Submit", and it will be reviewed and then posted to the website for your neighbors to see!

And for those of you looking for someone to help with one of these services, simply log on to lochmere.org and browse through the ads that you'll find under the "Community / Youth Services" tab.  You must log on - only those with valid Lochmere resident credentials are able to see the ads. 

board o directorsThe August Board Of Directors' Meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 24, starting at 6:30 PM in the Lochmere Main Office located at 502 Lochmere Drive. 

For more information, please visit HERE. 

holiday christmas arts and crafts show


Lochmere will host its second “HomeSpun Holidays” Arts & Crafts fair Saturday, November 2, from 10AM to 4PM in the Lochwood Pool parking lot. This is a great opportunity for our very talented artisans to showcase their craft and for you to jump start your holiday shopping!

Early applications are now open for Lochmere residents; please submit your registration online HERE.   The deadline for all applications is September 20.

The registration fee is $35 for Lochmere residents and $45 for non-residents. Once accepted you will be contacted regarding payment and other information. 

All work displayed/sold must be handcrafted by the vendor and no commercially produced products will be accepted. No sales of food, alcohol, or weapons will be permitted.

Each vendor will be assigned a 10 ft. X 10 ft. space and will be responsible for providing your own tent, tables, chairs, etc. No electricity will be provided and no generators will be allowed.

All questions should be referred to the event organizer, Lynn Hedgecock at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This is a community event for the entire family, so don’t delay, register today.