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On Wednesday evening at the Highlands Clubhouse, Alicia Dismuke, Cary Fire Department's Community Risk Coordinator, gave a very informative talk about fire safety around our homes.

Did you know there are more kitchen fires on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Eve/Christmas Day than any other day of the year?  Alicia also discussed yard fires, fireplace fires, Christmas tree fires, lightning strikes and cigarette fires.

Alicia talked about the importance of having working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors....and making sure they are working.  All detectors should have a date on the back.  If not, they are probably over 10 years old and need to be replaced.  Most new detectors now have a 10-year life span. 

The Fire Department offers assistance with smoke alarms.  If you need help testing an alarm, changing the battery, installing or replacing an alarm, call them at 919-469-4056 to schedule a time with a fire department representative.  They are unable to replace hardwired alarms if the wiring harnesses are not compatible.

Alicia mentioned having an escape plan if there is a house fire because a minute or two can mean the difference between getting out and getting caught.  It is extremely important to discuss with your entire family exit routes and a safe place to gather once outside.

The Cary Fire Department also offers free home safety inspections.  They will visit your home and conduct a room to room survey to look for potential fire hazards and offer suggestions to keep you and your family safe. To set up an appointment, just call 919-469-4056.

Sorry many of you missed what was an extremely important and helpful meeting about being vigilant about the fire possibilities in and around our homes.

Please see below for a message from our Community Services Sergeant at the Cary Police Department.  We heard about a recent burglary in the Birkhaven section of Lochmere and asked the police to give us more details.  He posted this on today:


Good afternoon Cary residents. I am Sergeant Jeremy Burgin, your Community Services Sergeant. The purpose of my post today is to make neighbors aware of a recent burglary trend that is currently impacting neighborhoods near Wimbledon, Lochmere, and Glenridge. 

Over the past two days, we've experienced four residential burglaries that may be related. The burglaries are occurring during the day and typically involve the suspect(s) breaking a rear glass door and forcibly entering the home to steal jewelry. While most homes were unoccupied, there was an instance where someone was home when the burglar entered an unlocked front door. There have been no injuries reported during this trend. 

We need you to help us combat this abrupt spike in home break-ins: 

• Be vigilant, immediately reporting suspicious or unfamiliar vehicles and pedestrians to police by calling 911. 
• Schedule a home safety inspection, a free service offered by the Town of Cary. A police officer will go on location to identify physical weaknesses in and around a home and offer low-cost suggestions to improve safety and security. Call (919) 469-4324 or email me directly to schedule this service. 
• Make sure that all doors, windows, and skylights are secured and check locks regularly to ensure they remain in good working order. While no lock is burglar proof, the more difficult it is to gain entry, the longer it will take, which increases the chances of burglars’ getting caught. 
• Use variable light timers and motion-sensitive lights to activate lighting in and around your home. 
• If utilizing an alarm system, make sure to have clearly visible signage stating the premises is protected by an alarm and set video systems to record day and nighttime activity. 
• Ensure valuables are not visible from the street, especially high-end electronics. 
• Come to our Public Safety Day on May 15 and mingle with those in your community. Meeting your neighbors is one of the best ways to keep your street safe, and Town of Cary police officers are available to attend and share safety and crime prevention tips.

Please contact me via email or phone with any questions or comments you may have. 

Jeremy D Burgin 
Community Services Sergeant 
Project PHOENIX 
Cary Police Department 
120 Wilkinson Ave - P.O. Box 8005 
Cary, NC 27512-8005 

Ready Cary"In support of North Carolina’s Severe Weather Preparedness Week, the Town of Cary is launching a new reverse 911 system administered by Wake County called ReadyWake. From boil water notices to critical safety information, ReadyWake notifies Cary residents, business owners and employees in both the Wake and Chatham county portions of Cary as well as Cary utility customers in Cary, Morrisville and RTP when there is an imminent threat to life, health or property.

To register, visit; enter the address you’d like to be notified about in the event of an emergency—home, work, school, etc. – along with your contact information and message preferences.

For full details, search "Ready Cary" at

Courtesy of our Community Services Sergeant at the Cary Police, Jeremy Burgin: 

Cary’s Swap Spot is Your Place to Complete Internet Transactions

Created by popular demand, the Town of Cary now has designated public parking spaces to complete legal transactions for items purchased/sold online or for other legal exchanges. Dubbed ‘Swap Spot’ and marked with a blue and green oversized sign, the area is located behind the Town of Cary Police Department near the Cash Points ATM, 120 Wilkinson Avenue; they are under 24/7 video monitoring. As always, residents may also use the Police Department Lobby as a safe place to exchange items weekdays from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. For internet transaction safety tips and for more information, search “Swap Spot” at or call (919) 469-4019. 

Toni Dezomits, Assistant Police Chief – Professional Standards Bureau, (919) 460-4922 
Deanna Boone, Deputy Public Information Officer, (919) 462-3908 
Susan Moran, Public Information Director, (919) 380-4240

Please see below (including attachment) from Sergeant Jeremy Burgin, our Community Services Sergeant:

Over the past two weeks, there have been six residential burglaries where the suspect(s) forcibly entered or attempted to enter homes through the rear door. Witnesses have described two potential suspects (one white male and one light-skinned adult black, possibly Hispanic, male) operating a dark blue or grey Honda. The burglaries occurred during the daytime, typically between noon and 4pm, and have affected Regency, Lochside, Camden Forest, Wimbledon, MacGregor, and nearby communities. 

While those descriptions are rather specific, it is important to remember to remain vigilant for anyone whose behavior is suspicious. If you observe suspicious behavior, please call the Cary Police Department immediately. You can use the non-emergency number (919-469-4012) or 911. 

Additionally, there are numerous Town of Cary resources available that can be useful. First, all Town of Cary crime data is available online ( Please feel free to utilize that site to gather additional, factual information about what crimes are occurring in Town. Also, recent police reports are online ( This site will allow you access to the public information report associated with an event. You can also find additional crime prevention tips on the Community Services page ( 

Lastly, I would like to advertise for our free, residential security assessment program here at the police department. A residential security assessment is a program where an officer will come out to your home and review the physical security of your home (doors, locks, windows, lights, landscaping, alarm systems, etc) as well as discuss some mental approaches to home safety (what to do with solicitors, how to handle leaving your home for vacation, and options available to you if you’re home and someone breaks in). This free assessment only requires that an adult be present in the home during the assessment to take notes and ask questions. Most assessments take about an hour, hour and a half and can accommodate most schedules during the week. If you’d like a free assessment, please contact me directly (my information is below) and we’ll get you on the calendar. 

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 919-469-4324. 

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