One of the goals of the Lochmere Swim Team is to make sure all of our swimmers, regardless of their age group, develop good stroke technique.  Once that stroke technique is improved, times will improve and the swimmers will come to and leave practice with a positive attitude.

Participation in this clinic does not guarantee that a swimmer will be ready to participate on the swim team.  Based on the judgment of the coaching staff, a swimmer will not be allowed to practice with the team until he/she meets the guidelines as published.

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 Lochmere's coaches are proud to host Pre-Season stroke clinics in May for swim team members of all ages.  10&Under swimmers will focus on starts/dives and stroke technique.  For 11&Ups emphasis will be placed on flip turns and starts which many times can determine the success of a race.

The goals of the clinics is mastery, not conditioning.  They are designed to prepare the swimmers for the start of the practice season.  For many of them the excitement of the new season is cmobined with frustration of having not practiced in nin months and moving to a different age group.

All new 6&Unders are required to participate in the Mini-Monster Developmental  Clinic above.    Any returning 6&Under is welcome to participate in this clinic.  While not required, it is extremely beneficial to new 7-10's to participate also. 

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 We are happy in 2018 to be able to expand our clinics to include the littlest residents of the community.  For our sixth year this is a developmental program designed to prepare 6&Under swimmers (Mini-Monsters) for the regular swim team.   These clinics will be held in June and July when the water is most beneficial for little ones to be in the water.  Watch this page for more details regarding dates and times.


Please visit us again soon.  This page is under construction.


To ensure that our swimmers are all safe and are ready for swim team, we have developed guidelines for swimmers in each age group.  While these are a barometer for what is expected of the swimmers, we treat each swimmer as an individual.  For more detailed information about these Swim Team Guidelines, please click HERE.

Each year Lochmere receives praise from the teams which we swim against for our sportsmanship and how welcome the visiting teams  feel when they enter our pools.  Both during practice and during meets, we strive for swimmers and parents to treat each person as an individual in a positive manner.  To achieve this we have developed 2 sets of guidelines which help us ... Lochmere's Swimmers' Code of Conduct  and Lochmere's Parents' Code of Conduct..  While the coaches and staff review with the swimmers what is expected of them, we suggest that each family familiarize themselves with these 2 documents.

Dual swim meets are held on 6 consecutive Tuesday evenings.  Meets start at 6:00 PM sharp.  The team swims 3 home meets and 3 away meets.  The schedule for 2018 is as follows:




Tuesday, June 12

Lochmere Vs. Abbington

Lochwood Pool

Tuesday, June 19

Lochmere Vs. Scotts Mill

Scotts Mill Pool

Tuesday, June 26

Lochmere Vs. Prestonwood

Prestonwood Pool

Tuesday, July 3

Lochmere Vs. Siilverton

Lochwood Pool

Tuesday, July 10

Lochmere Vs. Olive Chapel

Lochwood Pool

Tuesday, July 17

Lochmere Vs. Medfield

Medfield Pool

 The following documents will provide interested Lochmere families with more information about the Lochmere Swim Team.




The key to running a smooth and successful meet is a proper understanding and training of volunteers to work at meets.  This is a great way to meet and work with your neighbors.


Parents of Lochmere swimmers who participate in Time Trials are requested to volunteer for a position.  This is a great way to learn the various positions available.  All families are also required to work at 3 meets (1 Away and 2 Home).  Also if a swimmer participates in any special meets, the family is also requested to work.


Every open position is easily learned, usually requires no prior experience, and you don't have to do it alone. Teams are responsible for having their respective positions filled for each meet, either home or away.



Position  Duties  When Needed
Meet Director/Program Manager Assures all meet positions are filled for home meets and serves as focal point for operational issues before, during and after meets.  This person is familiar with swim meet procedures and is in constant contact with the TSA Reps.  HOME AND AWAY MEETS
Announcer Communicates to swimmers, officials, and observers over the public address system. Welcomes the visiting team to the pool,,announces the officials for the evening, calls each event so the meet flows smoothly, and announces team scores throughout the evening.  HOME MEETS ONLY
Starter  The starter has complete control of swimmers delivered to the starting blocks by the clerk of the course. The starter uses the commands "step up" (or "step in the water" for backstroke), "Timers and judges ready", announce the distance and stroke or relay event, 'Takeyour mark", press the starting device button. This position remains stationary at the starting end of the pool. HOME MEETS ONLY
Clerk of Course

Lines up our swimmers at the starting blocks in the order that they swim. The announcer calls for each gender/age group for each event to report to the Clerk of Course. The Clerk of Course will organize the swimmers according to the event sheets and lineup prepared in advance by the coach. The Clerk of Course will get to meet all the swimmers and give them a word of encouragement as they line up to swim.

Stroke and Turn Judge

Observes the main event swimmers looking for disqualifying motions. These judges must learn what to look for and disqualify swimmers in point-scoring events who commit violations. Heats are not judged. This judge stands on the side of the pool. Each S&T Judge is required to attend a TSA two-hour class. 


Completes event sheets for each main event by recording the order of finish and times according to the place judges. 

Place Judge/Timer

Observes the finish order for the point-scoring heats (main events). First and second place judges use stopwatch to maintain pool records. You’ll communicate the finish results to the recorder. Timers time all events. Timers record times for all swimmers in their assigned lanes.Place judges have no duties during non-scoring heats. You will be moving about the pool deck throughout the meet. 


Takes event sheets from the recorder and disqualification sheets from stroke and turn judges and carries them to the scorer's table.The runner must deliver the sheets directly to the scorer's table and not allow coaches or other interested parties to see them in transit. This is a mobile position (wear comfortable shoes).


Keeps a running total of points earned by each team. Scorers from each team work together. other team's scorer. You will receive results for each main event and give 5 points to first place, 3 points to second, and 1 point to third (relays received points for first place only). You use a preprinted scoring sheet that is easy to understand. You will be seated at the scoring table. A sheet explaining scoring will be available at each meet.

Ribbon Writer

Records the swimmer's name and event on the back of each place ribbon. You will receive the results on the main event sheets after the scorer has recorded the necessary information. You will have a supply of ribbons, a roster for each team and you sit at the ribbon table. You do not pass these ribbons out to swimmers. The coach will do that following the meet or at the next practice. 

Kid Pushers

Supervises an age group of boys or girls during the meet and delivers swimmers to the Clerk of Course according to the meet lineup sheets prepared in advance by the coach showing each swimmer's events.  You will be responsible for making sure all swimmers in your group have their swimmer number written on the arm where it will be visible to the Timers. You will be moving about the pool deck, primarily between the team sitting area and the starting end. 

Heat Judge

Passes out ribbons to heat swimmers (10 & Under) and commends them as they come out of the water. The winner receives a Heat Winner ribbon and all other swimmers in that heat receive a Participation Ribbon. You will be located at the finish end of the pool.


Sets up and operates concession stand at home meets. This position involves some pre-meet preparation.


Lochmere Monster


The Lochmere Swim Team is one of the summer swim teams in the Triangle Swim Association (TSA) and is organized as part of an overall summer swimming program designed to enhance the popularity of swimming and provide competition between communities within Wake County.  The TSA Rules and Regulations govern the team.

 The "Lochmere Monsters Swim Team" was started 30 years ago when Lochmere was just a dot on the map.  The Lochmere community was very small and it was a great way for the new residents to meet their peers.  Over the years the Lochmere community has grown to over 1,900 residents and the swim team continues to flourish. 

Whether you are a beginner swimmer or have been on a swim team before, we welcome all swimmers to become a Lochmere Monster.   The team is open to all Lochmere residents ages 4 to 18 (as of June 1, 2019) who are able to swim and meet our published guidelines.  We swim 6 dual swim meets on 6 consecutive Tuesday evenings starting on June 11 and rounding out the season on July 16.   We have loads of social events including a Pasta Pump-Up, after-meet ice cream, Breakfast of Champions, movie days, end-of-season 10&Under Party, and an 11-&Up trip to Emerald Point.  All swimmers receive a trophy at the annual banquet.  Throughout the season they receive placement ribbons and personal best ribbons.

Because Wake county offers so many different opportunities for public schools and since there are many private school opportunities, summer allows the Lochmere youngsters (and their parents) to meet others who they don't have the opportunity to socialize with over the off-season.  That is why the Lochmere Swim Team is like a family.

You don’t have to be fast to be on the team, you just need to come out and have fun.

Please check the sections which follow for more detailed information.  All questions should be referred to Gail Lewis, Program Manager, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 919-233-7640.