Lochmere contains eight (8) Sub Associations.

These Sub Associations all belong to Lochmere Master Association as do all homes within the community.  These Sub Associations each have their own legal documents: Articles of incorporation, covenants, & Bylaws.  They have their own elected Board of Directors that are voted in by the membership within the Sub Association.  They collect assessments to cover the costs of their own community.

The Sub Associations consists of condos, townhomes, and single family homes.

  • Fairwinds at Lochmere
  • Hampton Park Townhome Association
  • Lochridge Cluster Homes Association
  • Lochridge Lakeside Condominium Association
  • Loch Bain Homeowner's Association
  • Lochwinds Association
  • Windsong Homeowner's Association
  • The Greens at Lochmere

Most Sub Associations are managed by different management companies while others are self-managed.

The document below gives details of each Sub Association to the best of our knolwedge.


 2018 Annual HOA Meeting

The 2018 Lochmere Homeowners’ Association Annual Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 23, at the Resurrection Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall. Come early at 6:30PM for light refreshments. The meeting will start at 7PM.

Lochmere is looking for potential candidates to fill an upcoming Board vacancy to serve a 3-year term. For more information, please visit HERE

We currently have one resident who has submitted his name as a candidate.   His bio is below. 

The Annual Meeting Notice & Proxy are below.  These were mailed to all homeowners on September 18, 2018.

You must be logged on as a Lochmere Resident to view the Operating Budget and Reserve Funding documents.


Associa HRW is Lochmere's community management company charged with administering the day-to-day responsibilities of the Association. HRW pays our bills, schedules landscaping services, coordinates architecture requests, works with legal counsel, responds to homowner questions/complaints, and is the general clearinghouse for the HOA.  Andy Siouville is the Community Manager representative from HRW.  

Andy is based out of the Lochmere Recreational Clubhouse at 502 Lochmere Drive. Andy is onsite five days a week from 8 AM till 5 PM.  

Andy is assisted by a part time assistant manager, Jenny  Arthur.  Jenny is onsite Monday to Thursday, 8am till 1 pm.  Jenny is the go-to person for architectural requests.

You may see them out in our Lochmere neighborhoods overseeing Lochmere contract work, checking for possible storm damage to common areas and providing general property management oversight tasks.  The Lochmere Board and committee chairpersons work closely with HRW to assist in guiding their activities.  HRW acts on behalf of all Association Members with approval and direction from the Board, in accordance with the Association's governing documents, applicable law, and accounting standards.  Residents can contact HRW at the Lochwood main office at 919-233-7640 or in person during normal office hours at the Lochwood office for all sorts of advice and guidance about living within our beautiful planned community.   Residents may also email Andy directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



As a part of the Associa family, HRW has a service-driven dedication to Five Star customer response, an unparalleled investment in employee education, and unrivaled success in residential and community association management.  Associations and residents alike look to HRW's value-added services, attention to detail and local expertise for continuous community improvement.  For more information, see www.hrw.net.  Register and login with an HRW account at www.hrw.net to check the status of your account, pay your dues or check out the retail discounts offered to Associa community members in Lochmere.  


HOA assessments are determined by the Board of Directors each calendar year.  Increases greater than CPI must be approved by the voting members of the Lochmere Community.  Lochmere's management company mails out the invoices for assessments to each homeowner by December.  

Lochmere's 2018 Annual assessments are set at $591.00.

Assessments go toward the maintenance and upkeep of common elements such as common area landscaping, trails, lakes, playgrounds, bridges, benches, trash enclosures, dog waste stations, pools, tennis courts, clubhouse, office building, common area insurance, management fees, contributions toward a Reserve Fund, etc.

Prompt payment ensures that our community can continue to maintain the beauty of our lakes, trails and recreational facilities.

To check the status of your account online on the HRW website, or to remit payment online, homeowners can click HERE.  (You will need to login to the site with your secure HRW login credentials to access your account and make a payment.)

 Payments (checks should be made payable to Lochmere Association) must be made directly to the processing center address noted on your statement:

Lochmere Association

c/o HRW

PO Box 11904

Newark NJ 07101-9104

Payments cannot be processed at the Lochmere or HRW Raleigh offices.  For more detailed information about different options for paying your assessment, please read the 2018 Assessment Notice HERE.

If you have not received your assessment notice, you should contact Andy Siouville, Lochmere’s On-Site Community Manager, either via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at the office phone at 919-233-7640.


Lochmere's Master Covenants were established in 1984, creating the community association along with the specific financial, maintenance and enforcement procedures that each homeowner must follow (deed restrictions); roles and responsibilities of the Association board members, committees and property manager; and rules for Lochmere common area usage and maintenance.   These same covenants describe the mandatory assessments to ensure that our neighborhoods conform to a standard of value, beauty and friendliness that typifies life in Lochmere. 


Key sections of the Master Covenants include Common Area Ownership and Maintenance, Land Use, Architectural Control, Membership and Voting Rights, Assessments, Easements, Annexation of Additional Properties, and General Provisions.  Amendments to the covenants require 90% vote of approval from association members.  If you feel that a covenant is being violated, please report it to your This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. immediately.

If you are looking for guidelines on architectural, structural or landscaping changes to your property, please check the Lochmere Architectural Standards and Specifications.