Pool Hours 

Opening day at the Recreation Club of Lochmere is traditionally Mothers' Day.  While Wake County traditional schools are in session, we operate on a modified schedule.  Once school is out for the summer, we are open for you to swim, relax, and enjoy time with your friends from early morning through the evening.  The following is our operating schedule for June through September.

  In-Season Hours (6/10-8/26)

Day Lap Pool Main Pool Highlands Pool

6AM – 8AM


11AM-8PM 12 Noon-8PM

6AM – 8AM


11AM-9PM 12 Noon-8PM
Saturdays 10AM-8PM 11AM-9PM 12Noon-8PM
Sundays 12 Noon -8PM 12 Noon-8PM 12 Noon-8PM

Post-Season Hours (8/27-9/10)

Day Lap Pool Main Pool

Highlands Pool

(Closes 9/4)

Mondays-Thursdays Closed 4-7PM Closed
Fridays Closed 4-8PM
Saturdays 10AM-8PM 11AM-8PM 12-8P
Sundays 12 Noon-7PM 12 Noon-7PM 12-7P


Labor Day Weekend Hours (9/02, 9/03, 9/04)

Day Lap Pool Main Pool Highlands Pool
Saturday (September 2) 10AM-8PM 11AM-8PM 12Noon-8PM
Sunday(September 3) 12 Noon-7PM 12Noon-7PM 12Noon-7PM
Monday (September 4) 11AM-7PM 11AM-7PM


(Lochwood Main Pool Will Be Open 9/16, 9/17, 9/23, 9/24)

Day Lap Pool Main Pool Highlands Pool
Mondays-Fridays Closed Closed Closed
Saturday (September 16 & 23) Closed 11AM-8PM Closed
Sunday (September 17 & 24) Closed 12Noon-7PM Closed





swim lessons 4

Time spent around our pools is a fun time for all Lochmere residents.  To make sure that everyone is safe, Lochmere offers a variety of swim lessons.  For those really little ones who can't walk by themselves, we offer complimentary classes.  As they become toddlers, residents have the opportunity to enroll their children group lessons.  As they become more proficient and want to be a member of the swim team or just improve their strokes, instructors are available to ensure that children receive proper training.

This is a great opportunity for grandparents to have their grandchildren learn to swim also.  Grandchildren are allowed to take lessons at Lochmere.  However, the resident grandparent must be at the pool for the entire swim lesson.  Lessons are not available to non-residents.


This level of class is for children under the age of 2 and their parents. Parents must attend and participate. The class emphasizes skills, games, and fun in the water. It develops a child’s comfort level in and around the water. No previous experience is necessary.   A swimming diaper and rubber pants are required by any infant/child not toilet trained.

This class is offered on a complimentary basis during the season.  This year's class will be to celebrate Father's Day on Saturday, June 17, at 11AM at the Lochwood Lap Pool.  All dads (and granddads) are invited to help teach their little ones water safety.


Group lessons are ideal for new swimmers who are very often timid.  They learn quickly when they are in a group of their peers.  Group lessons are scheduled for 4 sessions during June and July.  All classes are held at the Lochwood facility.   The cost for each session is $40 per student.

The following is a description of each level offered.

Water Orientation Level:

This level of class is for children who are at least 2 years old and need to be able to walk by themselves and be able to communicate with the instructor. At this level the child becomes comfortable with putting his/her face in the water and is introduced to underwater exploration. He/she also learns about proper water entry and exit.

Beginner Level:

Students in this class will be taught skills ranging from breath control (blowing bubbles and rhythmic breathing), front and back float and front and back kicking with support.

Advanced Beginner:

Students at this level learn in chest-deep water. The students must be able to float on face and back without fear and hold breath under water for 8 seconds prior to the first day of class. Skills taught range from breath control, mastering front and back glides and are introduced to arm stroking with kicking and breathing.


This class is intended to prepare swimmers for participation on a competitive swim team. However, completion of the class does not guarantee placement on the Lochmere Swim Team. The students work on refining Freestyle, Backstroke, and Breaststroke. If the class progresses, Butterfly will be introduced.

When in doubt, children will be placed in the appropriate level class as determined by the instructor.

For times and dates, please see Attachment A below -- Group Swim Lesson Registration Form


Does your child want to learn how to swim better?  Are you looking to perfect your own strokes?

Lochmere offers private swim lessons to residents (grandchildren are included).

We currently have 8 certified instructors.   Our instructors are:

  • Mark Albert
  • Shane Barry
  • Kate Boyle
  • Britney Dyck
  • Tom Hubbard
  • Colin Meagher
  • Austin Purvis
  • Tyler Silver

Only Lochmere certified instructors can teach lessons at Lochmere.

It’s easy to sign up for lessons in both June and July.

  • For June lessons, please visit HERE.
  • For July lessons, please visit HERE.

Please note, once you sign-up, you will be contacted by an instructor to set up a specific time.  PLEASE ALLOW 72 HOURS FOR SOMEONE TO CONTACT YOU.

The cost is $20 per 1/2 hour.  Checks should be made payable to Lochmere Swim Team.

swim lessons 1


 All questions should be directed to Gail Lewis, Program Manager, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The pools are an HOA-owned amenity serving the social and recreational needs of all Lochmere residents.  The facilities are for the use of the residents and their guests.  All residents are responsible for knowing and abiding by the policies set forth by the Recreation Club Committee and approved by the HOA Board of Directors. 

Homeowners must notify Lochmere Association in writing of any tenants who need access to the facilities. Emails should be directed to Andy Siouville, Lochmere's Community Manager, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   Please note that homeowners forfeit access to the facilities when they designate usage to their tenants.

Please read and become familiar with the following 4 guidelines for pool usage:

Pool Rules

Diving & Slide Rules

Pool Guest Rules

Inclement Weather Policy


        LAP POOL

The Lap Pool has four roped off lanes for swimming, water running or some form of Aquatic exercise. Three lanes are designated for Adults Only. One lane is a Junior (JR) lane. The JR lane is for non-adults ages 12-18 to swim laps. Juniors 11 and under must have an adult present with them when they are using the JR lane. If all 3 of the adult lanes are being used by adults and another adult needs a lane then the JR lane will become an adult lane.



Seating is not guaranteed during peak hours of operation, such as weekends in June and July. During peak times furniture usage may be restricted to adults. Residents are welcomed and encouraged to bring their own chairs to the pool. Furniture is not allowed in water and cannot be used to build forts.