Lomond Lake Gazebo 2

Lochmere has 3 Lakes Committees, each with responsibility for one of our neighborhood's beautiful lakes.

Please remember that the lakes were never designed for flood control, and cannot be lowered for storms.  The lakes were built for recrational use and as repositories for stormwater runoff.  Each homeowner living adjacent to the lakes are responsible for protecting their own properties.

Lake Lochmere is the “big lake” that has the boat ramp and dock, but is otherwise surrounded by private property. There are 3 holding ponds too. The Lochside holding ponds feed into Lochmere Lake. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. overseas Lake Lochmere as Chairman, and newly appointed committee member (June 2018), David Purks assists too.

Loch Lomond is the lake surrounded by the 1.1 mile trail near the main entrance of Lochmere off Kildaire Farm Road (adjacent to Fonville-Morisey).  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. oversees Loch Lomond as Chairman.

Highlands Lake is on Loch Highlands Drive, at the main entrance to the Highlands off Kildaire Farm Road. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. oversees Highlands Lake as Chairman.

If you are interested in joining any of the lake committees, please contact one of the three chairs noted above.

Updates. Highlands Lake.
In 2015 we removed 3,000 cubic yards of silt and debris from the inlets to regain depth.

¨Lochmere Lake – In 2015 we replaced all of the bulkheads and docks at
the dam. In 2017 our goal is to remove 11,000 cubic yards of silt, deepening 5 coves, and restoring
navigation at the north end of the lake.  Currently, the north end of the lake is unnavigable.  Approval for the dredge has been granted.  Hydraulic dredging began May, 2017.  The dredging was completed in July 2017.

¨Loch Lomond – Our 2018 goal is to dredge 3,000 cubic yards at the north end, remove the sediment
reef, remove inlet siltation, and restore proper depth. 

Loch Lomond poses tremendous challenges in removing silt as there is no common area around the lake where we can dsipose of the silt.  In addition, access for equipment is difficult.  A combination of hydraulic & mechanical dredging appears to be the only option.  Hauling the sediment off site appears to be the option on the table via the Summerwinds/Loch Haven trail.  Continued research on solutions is still taking place.

 All of the Lochmere Lakes got a thorough checkup in 2012. Foster Lake and Pond Management was hired to execute a detailed bathymetric study. You may have noticed their boat on the lakes using GPS and sonar to carefully map the lake bottoms and silt accumulation.

This is the most comprehensive assessment done in many years and will serve as an excellent check on our reserve study plans. Detailed maps were created to show water and silt depths for each lake/pond. These maps are now posted as attachments below.  A bathymetry study was conducted in April 2017 on the north section of Lake Lochmere prior to dredging.  Another bathymetry survey and sediment analysis was conducted on the north section of Loch Lomond in 2017.

The LHOA Board is working with each Lakes Chairman and other volunteers to understand the situation and formulate any action plans needed.  

 Important reminders for using our lakes:

Please see the attachment below for a complete list of rules and regulations regarding boating and lake use.  Also attached are the bathymetric maps.